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The First Step - 20th November 2022 !!

Dear Universe

I have finally decided on my dream, and given it a date - 26th April 2025 to make it a goal & starting today I will take all the steps required to reach there.

My goal is to become a Billionaire & Make India a Country with No Strays (Stray Free India) as strays mean not in the right place & every animal deserves to be loved, have food to eat, pure water to drink & a home to live in by 26th April 2025.

And I will make it happen, No Matter How Bad it is, or How bad it gets. I have accepted all my mistakes & will make sure that no one else has to suffer the way I did because of my mindset & actions.

My Mission in life is to Help People Take Consistent Actions on their Meaningful Goals, as this is the biggest mistake I made which lead me & my loved ones to a lot of suffering.

I am sorry to everyone whom I have hurt, it was not intentional, but I did not take the right actions so I today consider them as intentional, but promise to never repeat the same starting this moment & will be there for all of you till my last breath.

887 Days are Left, It's Time to Take ACTION !!


Rishabh Jain

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